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Monday, December 12, 2011

Thai Entry: Methavalai Sorndaeng Restaurant @ Ratchadamnoenklang Road

After a LOOOOOOOOONG day in the Grand Palace and its intricately studded temples, we finally had the chance to fill up our tummies with MORE good food. :)

Well the interior is more appropriate for kids (though most of its regular customers are senior citizens) if you find the earlier eat-out outlet R-rated. :3 Classy, great lighting, great music and a clean toilet - more than acceptable in one's culinary dictionary.

Pork satay (minus the skewer sticks) with white bread and condiments. Tear the meat into bits and sandwich them with the bread; twice as yummy! :P

Bottom left: Stir-fry eggplant with leafy greens and red chili
Top right: Pineapple fried rice

Both were recommended by dad's colleague, and are worth the try! :) I used to hate eggplants/brinjals but this juicy, succulent dish gave me a whole new perception of them. You can really taste the pineapple chunks in the mildly spicy fried rice, although it lacks variety in flavour.

Yes green curry again. It's practically more of a staple compared to rice.
Pandan chicken AGAIN. Except it's not wrapped in pandan leaves when served. Btw the sauce on the left tastes like satay sauce. :3 Much more fleshy compared to the one in the previous post.

The famous tom yum goong. One word: SPICEHHHHH!!! The soup's thick and sour, and literally burned my throat! Truly spicy!


And this is dessert: coconut milk syrup with water chestnut and jack fruit. Tastes like the sai mi lo we have here. C: Simple, but cooling enough to put out that spiciness lingering in my mouth.

Highly recommended! Good service! The most authentic Thai food I've ever tasted - yet! :D

78/2 Ratchadamnoenklang Road, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200
Tel: 02 224 3088 / 02 224 3178
Fax: 02 224 3960


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