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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thai Entry: Yong Lee Restaurant @ Sukhumvit Soi 15

This is only THAI ENTRY NUMBER 3 and I feel like giving up already. And btw there's something wrong with blogger because the middle alignment button with a few others are missing from the above toolbar as I'm blogging.

OH WELL let's just forget about it and move on with the third spicy entry - including the SPICIEST tom yum and the MOST UNDERCOOKED cockles I've ever eaten (which combination had me barfing in the mall toilet the very next day). :3

Fried fish in sticky sauce. Mildly spicy even though chili padi seeds are seen sprinkled everywhere in the gravy. So-so; the exterior is not as crunchy as what I've expected.

Hearty meaty combo of roasted duck, chicken and pork. REAAAAALLY BEEFY (even though there's no beef)! One plate like this has enough protein to feed 10 kids in those poverty-stricken countries.

Meh... they're just fried wantons. Nothing special. :|

Another vege stir-fry with pork. If you haven't notice yes Thai food has plenty of pork. :O Love the gravy though.

As if my earlier statement isn't stating the obvious enough, this is minced pork; yeah the one you have on your porridge sometimes. :)

And lo and behold, undercooked/near raw cockles! Yummy if you dip them in chili sauce, super fishy if you don't do so. I ate like one big bowl of them, painstakingly removing the black sand-like substance in the shell before shoving the orange flesh into that abyss of an appetite of mine.

As if the dish above isn't a challenge big enough for my stomach to process, I've had THREE bowls of this incredibly, extremely fiery tom yum goong in the next few minutes. The sensation was CRAAAAZEHHHH I tell you. Could barely taste anything after that, and the prawns HOMG were are abundant! If I had to choose between the mega shrimp in the Sorndaeng post below and the prawns in this bowl of tom yum goong, I'd choose them prawns here. SO JUICY AND SUCCULENT. :D

It's not very pricey, except for the cockles. The most: RM300 for 6 pax I guess? Food is served impressively fast, given that the kitchen is cramped and the number of workers isn't close to a double-digit.

So you could've guessed it, I was one happy girl that night. C: Oh btw, the restaurant's 103 years old if I'm not mistaken. The interior design is really rustic and old, with various antique items painting the walls with great age. And to think that the owner's capable of running the restaurant for 80-odd years (that's exactly how old he really is) man-handedly, it's a MUST-VISIT for those of you travelling to the Land of Smiles and wanting to try Thai Chinese cuisine. If you wanna know more about it, just have a chat with the owner (he's really friendly btw) and he'll be more-than-happy to show off all the newspaper cuttings on reviews on his restaurant.

Address: Corner Sukhumvit Soi 15
Contact: 022 515 262

Trust me, you'll definitely leave the restaurant smiling. :)


Frank Manley said...

One of the best in BKK and the world for that!


Val said...

"Another vege stir-fry with pork. If you haven't notice yes Thai food has plenty of pork."

Well, that's actually a Chinese dish.

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